Welcome to the Upper Room!

“And when they had entered, they went up to the upper room … All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer”
— Acts 1:13-14

by Marc J Stasio

In the book of Acts, we find the early disciples of Jesus faithfully meeting together with newfound unity amongst themselves and a desire to strengthen one another. There was much work to be done in the Lord, and their devotion and preparation to do so consisted of four primary practices:

  1. Prayer

  2. Breaking of Bread

  3. Teaching

  4. Fellowship

These believers were deeply devoted to corporate prayer and the study of scripture in order to set apart those who would spread the Gospel and serve others. We desire that the Upper Room Prayer Assembly at NewWalk will model this biblical example to support and strengthen our church body in the same way, for His service. Of the four items above, it is prayer that remains to be emphasized, without which, we labor in vain (Psalm 127:1). Prayer changes things and changes us (James 5:16) as we corporately bring petitions, supplications, and requests with thanksgiving boldly before our God (Phil 4:6).

God honors faithfulness and seeks to set apart those for His service and to sharpen the assembly (Psalm 4:3). Our prayers are for spiritual renewal in our church, our town, our nation, and our world to humble ourselves and seek lives to be impacted by Jesus Christ. We pray that God would once again be honored and thanked, which has become lost in our society. We pray the Holy Spirit will set a new temperature in the body according to His desire, impacting every facet of the ministry. Ultimately, we pray these meetings will allow the Lord, not us, to build His church and bring about revival (Matt 16:18).


Believers are encouraged to fast when possible on these meeting days (Acts 14:3). This is a practice each Upper Room member must personally consider before the Lord. Scriptural and historical examples abound of God’s people combining fasting with prayer to move mountains and make the impossible, possible; the breaking of strongholds, the release of heavy burdens, outbreaks of revival and renewals of a spiritual harvest are some of what we can expect! Please refer to a separate motivational study on this topic on the main portal page to help you prayerfully consider adding fasting to your devotions.

Please do not ever feel that you cannot attend an Upper Room meeting if you had not fasted before a meeting. This is not information that you would share with anyone, and of which no one would ever ask you about. Fasting is a personal choice, not a requirement, and remains entirely between you and the Lord.

What to expect at meetings?

To motivate attendance, we are dedicated to assuring that we begin and end on time. The 6:00am start time on Saturday mornings is designed to allow us to corporately give God the first and the very best of the day while respecting that everyone’s time is of the essence. We hold that we’re not trying to find the time, but are committed to making the time to come before the Lord. So, please set an appointment with Him along with us, and be very blessed!

When you arrive, please simply walk in and find a seat. During the meeting, feel free to sit, stand, lift up hands, or kneel as you are led by God’s spirit. It is He that is directing the meeting, not us!

Lord willing, our prayer time would begin in quiet meditation as we approach God’s throne of grace and offer our worship and adoration. This will eventually lead to the lifting up of petitions, supplications, and requests with thanksgiving boldly before Him. Each week, a prayer leader will lead the assembly and present many of the offerings. However, all are fully encouraged to join in and interject as you are being led.


We will depend on the Holy Spirit to guide our hearts into what we ought to pray, while also relying on a general outline each week, including: church member needs and salvation, upcoming church events and programs, pastoral and ministry teams, vicinity needs and salvation, and current cultural and political topics and concerns.

You will also find a Prayer Request form on the main portal page that you can use to send in weekly prayer requests as you may be led to include.

Are you interested in moving mountains? Seek for revival? Does your heart ache for your neighbors, your community, and your world? Do you want to join with other believers in approaching God’s magnificence and seeking to be equipped for His service as the early church did?

Then, please join us in the Upper Room.

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