Luke 14:33
Discovering the Power of Surrender

In this inspiring sermon, Stephanny Morales shares a powerful message about the profound impact of surrendering to God, especially during life's most challenging moments. Opening with a heartfelt prayer and a personal testimony of surviving cancer and a near-death childbirth experience, Morales emphasizes the strength found in faith. The sermon delves into key biblical teachings, highlighting verses like Luke 14:33 to illustrate the necessity of renouncing worldly possessions and desires to truly follow Christ. Through examples like Abraham's sacrifice and Jesus' ultimate submission to God's will, Morales demonstrates the essence of complete surrender. Concluding with a compelling call to action and a closing prayer, this sermon invites listeners to fully commit their lives to God, promising transformation and a deeper connection with the divine. Join us on this journey of faith and transformation with Stephanny Morales, exploring how surrender can lead to a life filled with purpose and God's grace.