Never Forget

Memorial Day is a day for honoring soldiers who died serving our country in battle. Yesterday, many people used the day as an excuse for a day off work; or to have a barbecue with their family. Today, I want the reminder to be two-fold. I want to use this platform to remind you of the soldiers that died for our freedoms here in the United States; I also want to remind you of the Savior that died to set you free from your sins.

For Americans, I hope we are not just barbecuing and taking part in the celebration of Memorial Day without remembering the sacrifices and lives lost for our sake:

Have you prayed for the families that are mourning a loss or have someone at war right now?

Have you thanked a veteran or someone in active duty for their services?

For Christians, every day should be a type of memorial day where we don't use our freedom as an excuse to continue in our sins and forget what Christ did for us on the cross:

Have you repented of your sins and truly appreciated the sacrifice done for you on the cross? Have you taken a moment to thank God for giving us an everlasting freedom in Christ?

I hope you all take part in this prayer with me:

Lord, we humbly come before you in mourning over the men and women who have loss their lives for our freedoms in America. I can not imagine the life we would live without their sacrifice; I pray for their families- be with them, and give them the strength needed to seek you in their suffering. As Christians, we know that despite the brokenness in this world, you made a way for us to permanently be free in Jesus, and for that, I praise you.

Father, on this day, we focus on the sacrifices made for our sake, not just from our wonderful military in battle, but also, the sacrifice made on the cross for us fighting a battle that could never be won without your interference. God, bring healing to those that need it most help us all remember that when we are weak, YOU are strong.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

As always, I love you all! Yours in Christ,

Nicholas Amado