What's Next?

It’s Monday! If you’re like me and attempting Keto, I’m pretty sure yesterday was an epic fail. It seems inevitable, no matter where you go, friends and family come together to eat all types of ice cream, chocolate, and food! I held on as long as I possibly could, but as soon as my wife brought out her famous tres leches, I flaked (If you haven’t tasted it yet, I think you need to come to New Walk Church and check it out!). I was thinking about our routines on Easter and food isn’t the only tradition almost guaranteed. It seems like churches around America are packed out every year. As awesome as it is that you came, and I know for a fact that our pastor did an excellent job teaching you through the purpose of Easter, I want to take a moment to speak with you about what’s next.

If you did not take the opportunity to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I pray that at minimum, it piqued your curiosity and that you will keep on searching; following Christ is a life journey and its completely fine to study, think, and be curious. I pray that your curiosity leads you to that real, personal relationship with God that is more real than anything you can ever imagine. For those of you that did accept Jesus, I want to celebrate with you; the choice you made now requires some next steps that I want to walk you through. These steps are not just for new believers; they’re a list of things that all Christians should seek to do:

Take time to speak to God.

God nudged your heart. He didn’t do it so that you can follow religious traditions; He did it because He wants a real relationship with you. Speak to him like you do anyone else and believe me; there is real satisfaction in the action of prayer.

Read your Bible.

Scripture is God-breathed. Let me simplify that thought; You will hear many people say that man and not God wrote the Bible. In all honesty, the Bible is something you NEED to experience to truly understand its power. God willed and inspired scripture, and it is His words through man’s writing. There are many examples in scripture that you will find helpful in your own life by applying it to your situation. There are also many times that your mind will be blown while reading because God will be talking directly to you. If you need help walking through scripture, I would love to invite you to our Home Groups on the first and third Wednesday of every month! Please reach out to us via email or social media to find out details or of course, feel free to come to our Sunday mornings service at 10:30 am!

Seek Godly mentors and accountability partners.

This step is more useful that you will ever know. People that truly love you want to see you succeed; when they love the Lord, their love for you grows even more. The people at our church have helped me through so much, and they are far more than friends- they are my family. We are on this journey together, and I want to tell you we want to spend personal time with you and help you on your journey. In my opinion, trust is the first step to love.

Find a home Church so that you can experience the love of Christ through fellowship.

Throughout scripture, it teaches us that fellowshipping with others is a command. We want to be your family, and we want to experience life with you. There are two parts in fellowship that I want to tell you about that are more satisfying and relationship building that you can ever imagine. The first part is having fellowship with people that love the Lord; we can sit and eat together, watch movies, or do anything that you enjoy. Fellowship doesn’t end on Sunday; true fellowship is a life investment where friends become family. The second part of fellowship is also a command. Matthew 28:19 tells us to make disciples of all nations. Now that you have made a choice to follow Christ, you don’t want to keep it as a secret! The word gospel means good news, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not just good news; it’s the greatest news you’ll ever hear in your life! I challenge you to tell everyone you know about the love of Christ! I hope this Monday motivation helps you on your glorious journey in Christ!

Yours in Christ,

Nicholas Amado