Expect the Unexpected

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a glorious day for Christians; it represents the famous day in history where a rambling crowd in Jerusalem welcomed our Savior, Jesus Christ, riding in on a donkey. They threw palms on the ground to make way for our triumphant King. The crowd was expecting a strong, fearless leader coming to save them and simultaneously, the Pharisees wanted him to be different; they wanted an untouchable, set apart, follower of their traditions-someone exactly like them. Little did they know that Jesus did not come to respond to their agendas. Of course, He is the strongest leader the world has ever known, and He is untouchable and set apart, but he is so much more. He surpasses all expectations and doesn't come to meet our standards, but He came to this earth to give us exactly what we need.

Jesus did not come to meet society’s criteria; He came to save the world. The Jews did not truly see who Jesus was and as a result, the same people yelling “Hosanna” were screaming “crucify him” just a short time after this event. Jesus doesn’t stop them, though; He knows His higher purpose. He has come to save His people, and even if people stop praising him, then the rocks themselves would cry out! On this Monday, I want to remind you of the God that we serve. Not only is Jesus Christ our King, set apart, the best leader the world has ever seen, and humanity’s Savior; He is God incarnate! With Jesus, let’s always expect the unexpected!