Be On Mission

Preaching the gospel to our friends and families is not the easiest task.  For one thing, it can feel awkward, we might feel inadequate, and we don't want to be shunned.  However, it doesn't have to be such an uncomfortable experience.  

Based on Matthew 10:1-25 and Acts 4, we find four steps to a successful evangelistic strategy.

1. Partner with another disciple and go (Matt 10:1-5)

You don't have to preach alone, go with someone else.  There are several advantages to this.  First, you have the moral support of a friend.  Second, you have two testimonies instead of one.  Third, you may get stuck, but your friend is there to help.  Lastly, you get spiritual accountability to stay focused on your mission.  So, find someone or someone(s) to partner with and begin an evangelistic outreach.

2. Focus on those that will listen (Matt 10:11-15)
One of the biggest mistakes we make is trying to convince those who refuse to listen.  Although Jesus spoke with the self-righteous Pharisees, he spent the majority of his time with the disciples that would listen.  Find people that will listen and invest the majority of your time with them.  So what do you do about the others?  Pray for them.  Pray that God would soften their hearts.  

3. Choose to obey God over man (Acts 4:18-20)
Some in our society will want to stop you.  They will intimidate and ridicule you, or worse.  However, your hope and confidence is not in them, your hope and confidence is in Christ.  If the Bible is a good witness, we can see that it was a small, powerful group that was trying to stop the spread of the gospel.  However, there were also many that were willing to listen.  You might be surprised by the number of people that would listen.  In the Bible, the numbers went into the thousands.  Don't let a seemingly powerful minority tame your witness of Jesus.  Don't forfeit what God wants to do in many for a small minority.

4. Pray for Boldness (Acts 4:29)
Preaching the gospel takes courage, and your impulse will cause you to want to retreat.  However, the God who is sending you is more powerful than any force man can muster up.  The New Testament Church didn't retreat even in the face of persecution; they moved forward.  They realized the temptation to quit, so they prayed for boldness.  When you are persecuted, ask God for boldness.

This week take time to plan, prepare and profess.  Plan to tell someone about Jesus.  Prepare to tell them.  And, profess your faith in Jesus.

Here are two resources I think would help: 
Tactics by Greg Koukl

Heaven, Hell, and The End of the World by David Platt