What's the most loving thing to do?

Let's play pretend for a moment. Let's just say you're an allergist, and if you happen to be one, just follow along with me. You have a patient that loves chocolate cake. He's had chocolate cake every year for his birthday for the past 24 years, and in just two days, he will be celebrating his 25th birthday. He's ordered the most chocolatey chocolate cake ever, and he intends to indulge for his big party.

Now, you've discovered that he has developed a severe allergy to chocolate, and if he has even the smallest piece of this cake, he can die instantly. What's the most loving thing you can do? Keep this information to yourself and allow him to enjoy his birthday cake with friends? Or, is it better to give him the information you have? The answer should be obvious. The right thing, and most loving thing to do is to provide this information, even though it's not what your patient wants to here.

Sin is a far more significant problem and has far greater consequences. Sin is killing us, killing our culture, and will ultimately destroy every unrepentant sinner. Jesus died to save sinners. However, our culture has taught us that sharing our faith with others is unkind and unloving. So, we stay silent and keep Jesus to ourselves. We resolve that calling sinners to repentance is unloving, and Jesus wants us to love people. But the problem is that Jesus, himself, called sinners to repentance. He called sinners to abandon a life of sin and self, and turn their lives to God.

Further, God, in his love for people has given us the responsibility to call the world to repentance and abandonment of sin. He's called us to tell people that salvation is only available through Jesus Christ. In Luke 24:47, Jesus said to his disciples that repentance for the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem".

We have a mandate to call sinners to repentance. Do they want to hear it? Perhaps not. Do they need to hear it? Absolutely. It is not unloving to call sinners to repentance. Instead, it's the most loving thing we can do. If Jesus, the most loving person to ever walk this earth, preached a gospel of repentance. So should we.

Matthew 4:17
17 from that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”