Do you love loving people?

From cover to cover, the Bible is a book of love. It describes the love that God has for us, and we as his children are taught to live out this same type of love. In yesterday's message, we taught that love must be Real, Relentless, Reassuring and Restorative.

Let's examine those again. First, is God's love real? Absolutely. God doesn't love us because we provide him with some benefit. Instead, he loves us period. He loves us without hypocrisy.

Second, is God's love relentless, constant, incessant? Romans 8:38-39 tells us that Nothing can separate us from God's love. God consistently outdoes us in his love toward us.

Third, is God's love reassuring? Does God remind us that things will get better? He reassures us that he'll be there in our time of trouble. He'll never leave us or forsake us.

And lastly, is God's love restorative? Yes, and we should be forever grateful. A restored relationship changes, and it should if it's going to be healthy.

How will you love people? Will you do it God's way or will you continue to love in the tainted ways of our world? Love people for real, love people consistently, be hopeful of them and seek peace and restoration in every relationship.

It's different and challenging at times, but you serve a God that can help you through it, so let's do it.